To prevent, manage or even conquer Type 2 Diabetes, a commitment to healthy meal planning & regular exercise is required. These plans must aim to control blood sugar levels  in a natural manner. WAFFL is here to help – a comprehensive trainer app that focuses on Exercise, Nutrition & Wellness. 

WAFFL helps in the following ways:

Exercise Plans

  • WAFFL will create exercise programs that are specifically tailored to you.
  • Built & certified by some of the best personal trainers in the world (see ‘About us’ section).
  • Reducing your body fat percentage is crucial. WAFFL will cater for you whether your goal is to gain muscle or get toned & lean.
  • Whether you workout with weights in a gym or in the comfort of your home, WAFFL will have a program for you

Nutrition Plans

  • Quantities & portions specifically built around you & your health goals
  • All meals have been built & certified by a World-class Nutritionist (see ‘About us’ section).
  • Whether you are a vegan/vegetarian or not, WAFFL will create a meal plan for you
  • All our meals  are not only healthy, but varied, tasty & interesting
  • Ingredients catering to Diabetic needs; Fruits & vegetables, wholegrains, legumes, lean proteins, etc.
  • Guidance on alcohol consumption, rest and sleep