The WAFFL home screen is your starting point and an overview of your plan.


  • tap Exercise Plan to manage and use your daily and weekly exercise plan
  • tap Exercise List to see a list of exercises available if you want to run your own plan
  • The screen also shows if you are on the home or gym plan


  • tap Your Meal Plan to manage and use your daily and weekly nutrition plan
  • tap Recipes to see a full list of recipes on the WAFFL app
  • The screen also shows how many calories you should be consuming today


  • tap the water glass button each time you drink a glass of water
  • tap the information button to read further information about health from our blog

Health Monitoring

  • The screen shows you how many weeks of your exercise plan you have completed
  • tap Measurements to see or change your body measurements
  • tap Photos to take, see or share your progress photos